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Visual Artist

heidi mack

my art reflects who i am, where i am, what i need, how i feel, what i ache for and what pains me, what i am passionately engaged in at that moment (my paintings are always done in one fell swoop or they sit for years because i can never find that same place, energy, person, again).  painting brings me into the moment, invites (demands) my relentless thoughts to stop leading the way.  painting lets my body choose:  paint, style, medium, size, colours, textures, poetry.  i listen.  the body always tells me the truth. and when i listen,  i connect to what i paint and that matters to me – that the painting was created from essence not thought or “shoulds” – something authentic, emergent; something present and attuned in this moment. somehow that presencing can be what ties all of these pieces together. that,  and a connection to the earth, ecology, laughter, balance, slowness, wind, and water.

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