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Relationship Counselling: Coming Together


Out beyond rightdoing and wrongdoing, there is a field.   I'll meet you there.  When the soul lies down in that grass the world is too full to talk about



I am passionate about making relationships work (and believe that, for the most part, they don’t have to end) and passionate about supporting couples to make changes in their relationship -- be that moving forward to healthier and happier ways of being together or letting relationships go (when need be), with integrity, respect, and love. I am talented and creative about looking at what is rather than what was and what one wants rather than what one doesn't want.  


While I am a trained Gottman therapist (Gottman is a world renowned psychologist who has done 40 years of longitudinal research on love relationships -- what makes them last, what sabotages their success), I also am trained and borrow from a variety of excellent skilled researchers, teachers and practitioners (Sue Johnston, Ester Perel, Jason Gaddis). I am delighted to bring the extend and expanse of these expertise and interventions to the work i do with couples.

Non-judgment is at the core of the work that I do. I believe that we ought to challenge the construct of marriage and build relationships that meet our own stories and generate happiness and connection based on our own needs, feelings and history. As such, I listen to who you are and what you need to support your healing and growth. 

I help couples with the steps to healthy and meaning-full relationships through building SKILLS of listening, communicating, personal responsibility, trust, appreciation, and empathy and learning to OPEN to conscious loving, transparency, non-judgment, and happiness.

More specifically, I work with the practice of empathic effective COMPASSIONATE COMMUNICATION (non violent communication), understanding our separateness as much as our togetherness, learning forgiveness and breathing through tough times and tough years (like the ones when small children keep us awake at night or when someone's heart strays into extra marital affairs).

Relationship Counselling: Coming Apart


Marriages End, Your Family Doesn’t Have To! 


I am able to help you peacefully separate if your relationship is ending. I can help you with effective and communication despite pain and hurt so that your family can generate a separation agreements, a parenting agreement, and make decisions about asset division without creating wars that end up harming those involved. This work is not in lieu or a replacement for legal counsel (which will be needed to ratify child access, financial, or custody agreements) but rather a non-threatening process of collaboration and family-focused, peaceful separation to get you started in a potentially difficult expensive and hurtful process.

Couples sessions are usually 1.5 hours each and billed accordingly. Couples sessions also include individual sessions form time to time in the process of learning, healing, changing and growth

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