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“This isn't happening to you, it is happening for you”

Nature and Approach:

I approach counselling first from a collaborative perspective – with the idea that we are co-creating awareness, respect, understanding and resolution for your presenting issues. This means that you play an important and significant role in the work that we do together. From a broad brush perspective, my approach is to close the gap between what you want/need/value/believe and how you live – as much as possible.


I have an eclectic and secular perspective for therapy and draw on philosophies and interventions primarily from feminist, narrative and, human centred perspectives. I hold an unconditional positive regard and acceptance for clients and take an anti-oppression non-­judgmental approach, communicated through empathetic understanding and a deep respect for your own experience and understanding of that experience.  I consider the client’s perspective, values, beliefs, needs, and dreams as well as their intuitive knowledge of themselves as the foundation for the direction of therapy. I believe that clients have the capacity and resilience to resolve their own problems and make their own decisions and often need an outsider to witness the process and support consolidation and understanding of their experience.


I offer you experience and innovation in my approach to personal and relational change. I believe that much dissonance and dis-ease is created by the misalignment between what a person values and believes and how one enacts these things in his/her life.  I work with people in creating a 'querencetic' life -- a congruence between who they know they are and how they enact that knowing.

I am interested in the here and now, in accepting pain (as inevitable in life) and choosing other ways to author our lives in the experience of suffering -- compassion, joy, present moment awareness, appreciation, slowness, and simply feeling feelings fully without attaching meaning to them or "trying to figure them out".

My therapeutic approach is narrative, humanistic (person-centred), non-oppressive, and mindfulness-based. At times, I will use psycho-educational approaches for teaching/learning techniques for wellness, communication, and mindfulness

Relationship Counselling:

Coming Together


Relationship Counselling:
Coming Apart


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