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Individual Therapy

I believe we can change; I believe we can heal; I believe we can re-author our lives.


My work is about helping people to navigate the changes they want to make and what it means to stay stuck or to fear change. 

Stress, Anxiety, Depression, Coping Mechanisms, Communication, Physical Health and Wellbeing, Search for Happiness, Mindfulness and Meditation


I recently completed my doctorate in the area of transformative learning – looking at the experience of change and it’s very exciting. I work with clients with a fresh, narrative, curious therapeutic, non oppressive approach to examine what it is that they want in their lives and want to shift and why and what is sabotaging or inhibiting the journey toward these changes. Specifically,  work toward a realignment between who someone truly is (what they value and believe) and the way they are living out their lives (acting, speaking). I have come to learn that there can be a great sense of discomfort in a life of misalignment including depression, anxiety, and addiction.  

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