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I have taught in public and private schools both in Canada and internationally, at the college level in counselling and therapeutic skills, and spent five years teaching Outdoor and Experiential Education at the Faculty of Education, Queen's University in Kingston, Ontario.

I have also taught sessionally in the graduate counselling programme at both the University of Ottawa and Saint Paul's University. After working for the BODYSENSE ( research project: a positive body image initiative for athletes as the manager and curriculum writer, i spent many year specializing in working with athletes experiencing disordered eating and weight and self esteem and identity issues.


I am an avid outdoors woman and have spent years living, working, and predominantly playing in the wilderness including living off grid for 2 years in a 120 year old cabin in Lanark County. My Masters of Education research involved wilderness therapy for women recovering from disordered eating.

As a result of my love and teaching in the wilderness, i started the Canadian Wilderness Women's Network in 1996 which now has hundreds of Canadian women members. I have also guided wilderness canoeing, kayaking, and hiking trips in many Canadian lakes, mountains, and rivers as well as remote locations like the ice fjords of South Western Greenland with the Canadian Wilderness tripping company Black Feather.

I find my heartbeat, life and breath in the woods, on the waters, and in the hills through trail running, back country skiing, snowshoeing, and delighting in the silent places of Gatineau Park, the sacred lands of the Temagami wilderness, and now I spend much of my time with friends and family and dogs in an off grid cabin just south of the Frontenac Park in South Eastern Ontario.

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