Public Speaking Engagements


Heidi is a skilled, vibrant, entertaining and educational speaker. She made us laugh and cry and learn. We left with our hearts in our throats and our brains activated for change. We would have her back and we highly recommend her. She will not disappoint.  

-- SW conference coordinator 



Public speaking addresses about personal transformation and the process of activating our lives and enacting our values and beliefs -- what helps, what hinders, what barriers and challenges we will face  


Please contact me to book presentations, workshops, conference presentations, motivational speaches, and keynotes. I am happy to do small engagements in intimate learning settings like weekend retreats, motivational speeches for large groups of people, or keynotes at conferences.


I have been publically speaking and presenting since the mid 1990s and will attend to the needs of your particular group.  


Fees vary depending on budgets and the needs of the agency or group.


In 2014 at a local TED talk event in Kingston Ontario, i had the privledge of trying out a TEDX talk. Unfortunately, the video and audio quality of the TEDx recording is well, just not super great... but here it is regardless...


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